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From the front row: Katie Grand

 katie grand style inspiration

The sharpest sartorialist this side of the Atlantic, Katie Grand wasn’t nicknamed Grand-a-Minute for nothing.

One of the highest paid and most in-demand stylists, editors and creative directors in living memory, the term tastemaker doesn’t even come close to representing her razor-sharp aesthetic and irreverent allure.

A future-focused vanguard with a polyamorous approach to design, Grand is the woman that wants it all. Working her way across the fashion landscape from a print major to Marc Jacob’s right-hand woman, Grand has been the silent yet striking driving force for subculture style since she co-edited her first publication ‘Eat Me’ during her time at London’s infamous Saint Martin’s college. Founding Dazed & Confused and POP magazine before she was 30, her formidable fashion background touches almost everything that defines contemporary style.

A regular contributor to Vogue International, Grand has never ridden on the coattails of her contemporaries. Sure, her cult bi-annual magazine, LOVE, might have been funded in part by Condé Nast, but just like Wintour’s rite of passage at House & Garden, Grand is doing everything on her own terms. Working simultaneously as the key collaborator for Marc Jacobs, with whom she has worked for the last 11 years, Grand continues to freelance as a stylist for luxury brands like Vuitton and Prada – and everywhere in between.

A devout fashion disciple since the age of 15, Grand doesn’t just hoard fashion, she archives it, amassing a collection of fanciful oddities that are precious in their originality. A connoisseur that is rumoured to have moved house just to keep her collection under her watchful eye, to say fashion is her life would be a painful faux pas.

Katie Grand doesn’t live for fashion, fashion lives for Katie Grand.

A business woman with innumerable places to be, her personal sense of style waxes and wanes between eclectic and eccentric; building fanciful outfits that blend home comforts with wildly theatrical statement pieces. Never afraid to take couture out of its confines and integrate it into her everyday attire, this simple Fashion Week combo is one of her more casual backstage outfits. The ideal option for the woman with one foot in tomorrow, this easy ensemble is great for everyday styling.

Wearing a long sleeved silk blouse similar to our Hepburn shirt in Love Affair red, we love the way she has paired this conventional button up with an abstract printed coat.

A one-off from her collection, we decided to go with a similar mottled design that is a lightweight mid-season alternative in a cruelty-free faux fur. Roll up the cuffs for extra colour pop allure and style with these simple light-washed denim jeans with a matching cuff for added fashion ease. Styled with this season’s fantasy fur clog, these soft-touch slide ons add an instant high-luxe feel to this pared-back ensemble – ideal for schmoozing with the F’row or picking the kids up from school, go figure!

The cool girl next door with all the designer swag you know you want to wear, Katie Grand is the future of European fashion, and until we can get our hands on the next issue of LOVE, we’ll be taking style notes straight from the front row with this casual look from fashion’s most notorious super stylist, Katie Grand.

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