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From the front row: Lotta Volkova

Lotta Volkova style inspiration

"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes."

A modern maxim that pretty much sums up the industry’s sexist glass ceiling – for every designer that takes a bow at Fashion Week, you can rest assured that behind the scenes there is most definitely someone who deserves equal praise.

Calling out the weirdly weighted juxtaposition that encourages gender equality for show – but not always in practice, the VAUGHAN girls are calling out the unsung stars of Fashion Week that deserve their own round of applause.

This week, we’re zoning in on the meteoritic influence of Lotta Volkova, the secret weapon in Vetements androgynous style takeover.

A brand that defies catwalk convention, this season there wasn’t even a show to spotlight – as the brand created the ultimate runway coup with a streetwear showcase styled by the public. A stroke of genius inspired by Lotta’s anti-runway aesthetic, the former model and in-house stylist works at the epicentre of insider cool – defining future fashion with an underground agenda.

A woman that has helped Demna Gvasalia built a brand around their shared dystopian outlook, what Lotta offers is a muse-like quality that turns a concept into wearable creativity.

Seen hovering on the fringe of fashion zeitgeist with her death metal stare and nostalgic youth, Lotta defines a sense of style that was bred behind the Iron Curtain – looking in on landmark styles that never made it that far East.

Renowned in industry circles as the woman that pioneered that OTT hoodie, she was bred on a diet of Eurotrash repeats and club scene anthems that define her current punky, new wave non-compliance. Making the world pay attention to post-Soviet style, her in-your-face trans-Siberian look has become the calling card for bad taste gone good.

When it comes to her personal style, there is no line that separates Lotta from Vetements – making her the perfect predictive dresser to follow.

Captured in the studio, this look celebrates her dark and brooding attitude to the usual glossy high fashion world. Styling a black leather tunic dress with our matching Hepburn shirt, this rebellious attitude to luxury was just what we had in mind when we named our shirt Iron Petticoat.

A contrast of form-flattering silk and heavy-duty leather, we love the way this pairing of opposites still feels comfortable and confident.

Styled with tractor tread leather boots and a chain embellished backpack, this look is a total reverse on body-conscious silhouettes and glamazon dressing – inspired by a tainted teenage feel that we all can connect with.

Both practical and stylish, while these accessories might feel less feminine than usual they offer a different perspective that draws the eye to sun-kissed pins and tanned arms with dimensions that make you feel oh-so petite.

A look that’s gaining huge amounts of traction on the high street as well in high luxe, it’s time to think outside the box this season and start dressing for what feels good – not fashionable.

A lesson we’re learning from the unexposed cool girl du jour, Lotta Volkova.

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