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From the Front Row: Natacha Ramsay Levi

Natacha Ramsy Levi

The first day at any new job is daunting - especially in the dog eat dog world of fashion, so how do you think Natacha Ramsay Levi felt when she filled the shoes of her predecessor, Clare Waight Keller at Chloé?

A new driving force at the helm of one of France’s most iconic womenswear brands, Natacha isn’t afraid of a little office rivalry, in fact, that’s how she made it to the top of the sartorial food chain in the first place.

Calling Natacha a woman on a mission would be an understatement, ever since she made the trans-urban shift from Louis Vuitton to Chloé in March, the fashion press has been waiting with baited breath for the unveiling of her first collection for SS18.

An unconventional hire for the brand that defines bohemian wistfulness, the former Ghesquière protégée and designer go-between has been celebrated for her authentic insouciance, growing a taste for hard-edged, futuristic androgyny in her 15 year career at Balenciaga and Vuitton - an aesthetic many assumed would be at odds with the current soft-focused flou maintained under Keller for the last 6 years.

But, then again, many who know Natacha will also be aware of her mystical shape shifting potential and polyamorous attitude to design. Starting off small as an intern after ditching an education in history, she has always been a girl that’s followed her heart rather than her head. Sticking close to Ghesquière’s side, she quickly became his right-hand woman and confidante as design director – a role that often put her in the firing line between designers and divas.

Now ready to cast her own shadow at the more family-orientated house of Chloé, the 37-year-old is set to cause quite a stir when the models start to sashay this coming winter at PFW. In anticipation of her first runway bow, we take a look at the former Parisian party girl’s wardrobe for clues on how her personal style might affect Chloé’s future fashion styling.

Seen here posing at her city pied à terre, we’re in love with the way this outfit punctuates old and new Chloé classics.

Inspired by the same approach to timeless luxury as VAUGHAN, Natacha understands the effect stunning classics can have on any outfit, that’s why would style her in one of our own Hepburn classics in a rich Stage Door purple.

Offset with a pair of menswear influenced suit trousers from the current Chloé collection, this look is certainly in step with the duality inherent in Ghesquière’s signature gender fluidity and Keller’s bohemian chic. 

Accessorised with a pair of fiercely feminine platform heels and a gold-tipped leather belt, this outfit is the perfect compromise between sharp suiting and form flattering, offering a practical approach to contemporary dressing. Styled in sync with the brand’s love affair with angular handbags, we’ve added their iconic bracelet bag and some vintage-esk eyewear to match Natacha’s irreverent yet irreproachable cool-girl effect on simple separates.

Try your hand at matching trend colourways and formal suiting whilst the world waits for the grand SS18 unveiling, who knows, you might just be ahead of the curve in the creative combo à la Chloé…

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