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From the Front row: Stella McCartney

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A self-made woman who didn’t need daddy’s rock star millions to make herself a star, Stella McCartney may have been born with a drumstick in her mouth, but she definitely dances to the beat of her own tune.

A G.B. darling and international fashion authority, Stella is the flag bearer for UK style. Starting out at Christian Lacroix aged 16, the British band baby has been steering the narrative for European prêt à porter since she founded her break away brand in the early 00s.

Daughter, designer, activist and decorated OBE awardee, Stella has been at the heart of British culture since day dot. The antithesis of celeb royalty, she may have the likes of Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow on speed dial, but this creative powerhouse is anything but ostentatious – shying away from the limelight and opting for a more family-orientated life in her hometown of London.

From high luxe to active wear, Stella has an unquenchable thirst for tomorrow’s biggest trends. The woman who singlehandedly made leggings cool again, when she’s not killing it on the catwalk, she’s kitting out medal-winning champions for the Rio Olympics.

To say that the VAUGHAN girls are in awe would be an understatement. She is surely the cool IT girl we all secretly want to be. A self-starter who has propelled her way to the top, we can’t think of anyone better to add to the VAUGHAN hall of fame this week.

The daring designer who gave us THAT grip tread platform brogue that changed our wardrobe (and bank balance) Stella was out in classic form at this preview, rocking her iconic longline blazer look.

Diluting the invisible line between sportswear and formal attire, Stella has always been a vanguard for the future of fashion – and her infamous collaboration with Adidas was the catalyst that sent our track star favourites hurtling into everyday attire. In an ode to the lady that changed what we wear forever, we have styled this monochrome magic outfit with a new leather bowling bag from her latest collab with the German sports giants.

Styling her famous wooden platform derbies with creations she knocked up from her personal wardrobe, this simple yet striking balance of opposites oozes with a cool rock child look that blends oversized proportions with casual silhouettes. Ideal for work or play, this paired down black and white outfit features her must-have athleisure joggers that have been carefully ruched up to add an extra dimension to this seemingly sombre ensemble.

Whilst the reigning queen of casual might be a sucker for a vest top, we know how she values the importance of a little razzle dazzle in her life, that’s why we’ve opted out of the classic tank top and updated this streamlined look with our pure silk Hepburn shirt with detail Swarovski crystal collar – worn tucked into the elasticated waistband of her signature jogging bottoms, this look really packs a punch.

With a wardrobe that matches her whirlwind career, we can’t help thinking- Paul who?

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn silk shirt in Glass Menagerie, platform brogues, track pants and bag all by Stella McCartney, Ted Baker oversized blazer

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