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From the front row: stylist to the stars, Monica Rose.

kim kardashian stylist monica rose

Thought Kim K. put those killer kerbside outfits together all by herself? Think again.

Hiding in the wings, some of the best-dressed women in Hollywood have little-known style stars to thank for their Paparazzi-inducing looks. Keeping a low profile on the ever evolving fashion radar, red carpet season signals the start of some really spell-binding looks, but like most moves in the celeb circus, it’s all thanks to budding behind-the-scenes tastemakers.

Creating killer LA looks for some of the world’s most seemingly-stylish stars, Monica Rose has the power to make or break a celeb on the simple slip of a sequin or an ill-fitting floor skimmer. Preparing styles set for some of the largest international platforms from the Golden Globes to the Grammys, the influential stylist is essential for keeping a star’s confidence high and their wardrobes fly every time they step into the limelight.

Quickly becoming an indispensable asset to any well-heeled woman in the know, Monica Rose is renowned for her relatable everyday style and workable wardrobe twists that have made her signature style a hot commodity on the increasingly competitive street style scene.

A close confidant to the Kardashian clan and veteran stylist for newly initiated limelight lovelies, Monica Rose seems to have sex appeal on tap. Dressing some of the most impressive social media stars, you can thank the mother of two for Gigi Hadid’s off-duty model looks you’ve been working - alongside Kendall Jenner’s pre-gym active outfits.

Converting emerging talent into bonafide Instagram influencers, her youthful and vibrant take on street style has gained her traction as the woman to book when you’re ready to really make an impact. Synonymous with cultivating an effortlessly chic aesthetic, Monica has mastered the art of styling high-end fashion with accessible everyday style.
Effortlessly fashion forward without the overstated edge of some of her best paying clients, her personal style is a creative mix of comfortable classics and well-fitting separates packed with glamour.

A yummy mummy that hasn’t ditched the boudoir allure, this comfortable yet casual ensemble is the ideal spring fling to run away with.

Pairing soft silk culottes with a 1920’s vintage inspired tassel jacket, this cream combo is the perfect pairing of style and refinement. Worn with our soft black Hepburn shirt, this full silk outfit is a lesson in colour clashing with highly feminine overtones. Styled with a leather lace-up heel and eye-catching clutch bag, this look segues seamlessly from a seasonal wedding to dinner and drinks with friends.

Suited to curvaceous and athletic figures alike, a subtle cinched waist and alternative proportions make this streamlined and sensual ensemble a Hollywood winner – whatever the occasion calls for.

Pictured: off black VAUGHAN long sleeve silk shirt, Dorothy Parker tassel jacket, Tibi wide capris, Miu Miu sandals, Givenchy clutch

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