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How to wear a denim skirt and still look like a grownup

how do i style a denim skirt?

Lessons in feeling fabulous from VAUGHAN's in-house stylist and agony Aunt, Auntie Kiki Just think of her as your own personal (martini swilling) sartorial fairy godmother.

Dear Auntie Kiki,

I've seen the cutest denim skirts in shops, but whenever I try them on, I feel like an overgrown toddler. I'm dying to add a denim skirt into the mix but how can I pull off the look, and still feel like a grown up?

Yours truly,

Not-a-Lolita in Nolita 

Oh darling-in-Nolita, I respectfully take issue with your question.  After all, who really wants to "look and feel like a grown up"?


It's a slippery slope filled with elastic waistbands, sensible shoes, and creams for ailments you can't imagine.

Frankly, I want no part of it.

I suspect what you're really after is a youthful, yet chic take on a classic fall basic, a good denim skirt.

Choose your clothes like you choose your friends: carefully

Your first step is to pick out the *right* skirt.  Select something with grown up details you love, be it an up-to-there slit, distressing or some great hardware.

While were here, please allow me to take a moment to reiterate something at the core of the VAUGHAN ethos: DO NOT ADD ANYTHING 'MEH' TO YOUR WARDROBE. Ever. It's wasteful.

I'm sure you're selective when choosing friends and when deciding how to spend your time. Your clothes are no different.

Take your time, buy something that you love, buy something that fits. You may occasionally find a bargain bin treasure, or you may not.  But wait still you come across something you love and don't you dare pull out your wallet till before then.

But I digress, back to the skirt at hand...

Denim skirt with blazer

Distressed denim paired with a silk shirt & blazer

It's all in the styling

Much like any other trend you're aching to pull off, it's all in the styling, doll.

You can't simply wear an item of clothing beloved by preschoolers without having to up the ante, just a bit.  

Nix the athleisure mentality and try something a little *extra*.

Layer your wrists up to your elbows with bangles and bracelets.  Add an effortless silk top into the mix. Smear on your new vampy lip stain. However you wear it, make it yours.

If it's a bit of casual sophistication we're looking for, steer clear from any cutesy casual or ugly-cool items that are so popular these days.  Ditch the gingham, birkenstocks and dad shoes.

Same with sneakers... yes, there's a time and a place, but this isn't it.

Go for classic tailoring and structured basics

Instead of laid back basics, go for beautifully tailored blouses, glam scarves, chic flats or a low block heel.

For a lil, #inspo, as they say, check out my Pinterest board with a couple of different takes on the trend.

My darling Lolita, a fab, well fitting skirt combined with your signature swagger will be all you need to wear the hell out of your new denim duds.  


Auntie Kiki

Have a styling question for Auntie Kiki? Just pop her a line at  She'll give it to you straight.


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