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In the news: 2018 Pirelli calendar

style inspiration pirelli calendar 2018

Probably not the most expected avenue for cultural zeitgeist, the local auto shop has just become as poignant as any art gallery – all thanks to one, nudey and naughty page turner.

In a tour de force that is changing the face of beauty one month at a time, social spokespeople and glamour pusses alike are uniting to redefine a soft porn pin-up via one unlikely arbiter – Pirelli.

An automotive calendar that has become more than just a cheap skin show, the Pirelli calendar has blossomed into one of the most exciting showcases of commercial inclusion with an annual offering that marries editorial allure with inspirational role models. Nurtured by legends like Nick Night, Annie Leibovitz and Karl Lagerfeld, the 12-page presentation has been coined society’s canary – a global view on sexuality in the 21st century. 

Now in its 45th year of production, the Italian motorsports veterans are using their status as the mechanic’s monthly as a platform for political and social pensées that resonate on a wider, and more newsworthy scale.

Creating connections between purveyors of luxury from fast cars to fast fashion, their annual conversation piece is a celebration of design and daring, pushing past its role as an advertorial to convey moving and moreover, visually striking messages.

But, where sultry models once stood, empowering portraits have taken their place in the calendar’s first all-black cast. 

Behind the lens of the 2018 Alice in Wonderland shoot is two art-centric activists – the renowned fashion photographer, Tim Walker and the newly crowned editor-in-chief of British Vogue, Edward Enninful.

As equality and diversity become the new buzz words in the fashion commentator’s vernacular, the calendar has come at a time when sexuality, gender, colour and creed are all in a positive state of flux. Inspired by this year’s bold move towards more positive images of acceptance, the VAUGHAN girls were inspired to create their own homage to this year’s offering with a Queen of Hearts look with our aptly named, ‘Love Affair’ red silk shirt. 

Blending the calendar’s fashionably couture-like taste for clothing with the hard edginess underlined in its paradoxical take on a traditional fairy tale, this outfit is all about bringing a touch of Carroll cool to the street with soft silken separates and robust leather pairings.

A practical combination that works dressed up or down, we’ve teamed this lace-up dress with a long sleeved red silk shirt and a pair of matching red leather boots.

En vogue and endlessly wearable, we couldn’t help but channel our inner Adwoa Aboah (who also stars in the calendar) when choosing playful accessories like these heart shaped sunglasses and this lavish pierced statement bag from J.W Anderson that perfectly represents Ru Paul’s knock out ribbon robe.

A wearable celebration of strong statement pieces and pose-worthy allure, this outfit is the ideal hybrid of style and good taste that could be worn front row at fashion week – or as an extra in this phantasmagorical shoot.

A trade tradition that has evolved to battle the stereotypes of beauty it itself helped to enforce, this new paramour between fashion and fast cars stands as a landmark for the future of inclusion – igniting the imagination and making history along the way.

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