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Who is Diet Prada, anyway?

Who is diet Prada?

Hell hath no fury like a fashionista scorned – and whoever p*ssed off Diet Prada needs to apologise, now.

Taking down designers one post at a time, the infamous Instagram account has become a backbiting force that’s addressing a sense of déjà vu we’ve all experienced in the front row.

Fighting back against facsimile fashion with an acerbic attitude and a sartorialist’s whit, the faceless social media page has become a terrifying enemy to the everyday designer –pointing out the obvious catwalk copy and pastes that so freely go unchallenged.

A vengeful attack on the status quo that treads the line between hilarious trolling and cutthroat callouts, the unvarnished commentary that followed SS18 left brands looking over their shoulder as claims on provenance became the encore heard across the globe.

A double-tap delight for any fashion nerd, Diet Prada seems to know more about the inner workings of the fashion world than even some of the most schooled Vogue boffs.

Airing the industry’s dirty laundry for all to see, are they a fashion historian, possibly an annexed intern, or is Diet Prada working behind enemy lines? 
A no-filter runway referee with a no-nonsense approach to plagiarism, whilst the fashion scene has been left wondering who the hell they think they are, the VAUGHAN girls have been working our contacts to reveal the secret identity that has kept us all guessing …

Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler – the faces of Diet Prada.
 Liu, a fine arts graduate and Schuyler, a product developer might be unmasked, but their effect on sartorial zeitgeist will go down in fashion folklore as the pair that proved it’s not about who you know, but what you know.

The dastardly duo behind the account that describes itself as, ‘ppl knocking each other off lol’ – it comes as no surprise to see their millennial roots run deep, along with a hilarious sense of humour that reflects what it’s like to start a career in the fashion industry today.

Cutting through the hype to celebrate an aesthetic that is all about authenticity, the VAUGHAN girls got together to create this classic outfit that mirrors their straight talking attitude.

Of course, a silk shirt is the centrepiece of this ensemble, duh!

Showcasing the shirt that underpins what style really means, this classic white Hepburn shirt is a versatile design that brings form and feel good factor together to create one flawless and endlessly wearable silhouette.

An original that needs no introduction, if Diet Prada has taught us anything it’s that you’ve gotta be yourself, everyone else is taken.

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