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The Lust List: 5 things we're sweating this July

July Lust List

From unplugging to accessorising – and everywhere in between, the VAUGHAN girls are back with their monthly editorial on the latest obsessions from the world of technology, fashion and leisure.

1. Restivals

Get over yourself Glastonbury, we’re through.

Fed up with long lines for the toilets, the latest hipster food trucks and moshing chin to chin with kids that start to make us feel all maternal, the age astute festival goer has finally found a haven that involves absolutely no wristbands – at Restival.

Ideal for the work-weary urbanite looking to shed their corporate skin, the global community movement blends the best bits of eco-luxury with all the perks of a festival. Founder Caroline Jones has created a nomadic adventure that allows attendees to unplug, slow down and reconnect through yoga, meditation, sound therapy, workshops, wellness treatments and art, creating the perfect lovechild for heart, mind and body. Step out of your Manolos and go wild…

2. The Enninful effect

Taking the crown from Alexandra Schulman as editor-in-chief for UK Vogue, Edward Enninful has been called many things: the underdog, the visionary, the activist and now, the vanguard – smashing through not just one glass ceiling, but three.

The publication’s first black, male, and openly homosexual editor in its 101 year history, Enninful worked his way up the fashion food chain from model to protégé at some of the world’s most influential magazines - subverting the status quo from day dot as the youngest creative director for iD at only 18 years old.

We can’t wait to see what the face of fashion looks like with Mr Enninful in charge.

3. Digital detoxing

Lock up your smartphone and break out the burner, that’s right, the anti-tech phone is the newest fashion craze to help people disconnect.

Meet your new handheld, The Light Phone, a slim, credit card design that harnesses the power of simplicity. With our anti-social lifestyles reaching near breaking point, many of us are spending more time on our phones than we do sleeping – leading to a virtual reality that is affecting our intra and interpersonal relationships.

Fed up of living life through a screen, the guys behind Light have created the answer to digitally detoxing by creating a second device that is connected to your smartphone, but only offering simple calling options, meaning you can finally appreciate the view and forget fiddling with your Snap Chat filter.

4. Katerina Makriyianni

We’ll admit it, we’re slaves to anything Lucy Williams gives the thumbs up to, so when she introduced us to a new jewellery designer, we had a finger poised over the bookmark bar immediately. Creating a range of retreat-ready and artisanally alluring accessories, @KaterinaMakriyianni is the Cretan goddess at the helm of this summer’s must-have brand. Creating a range of tassel fabulous earrings in a spectrum of vibrant colours, her ethnic inspired designs are the perfect marketplace find with added editorial appeal – we’re styling them with a puff sleeve Bardot top and a messy updo this season.

5. The IKEA effect

Was IKEA trolling Balenciaga one of the funniest online moments of the year?

Quite possibly!

The household brand that has turned into an unlikely muse, ever since their Frakta bag was reinterpreted by the iconic French design house, copycat creatives have been jumping on the Scandinavian’s satire bandwagon to create a range of weirdly wearable and endless entertaining ode items.

Spotted at fashion’s biggest menswear event, Pitti Uomo celebrated a new peak in the DIY movement with industry insiders creating everything from backpacks to cummerbunds from the iconic fabric – our favourite? The @IkeaClothes hoodie.

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