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Kiss the ring: check out the new signet styling

modern british style

In a throwaway society where fast fashion is king, there is a new counter culture forming below the turbulent waters of prêt à porter which involves, quite literally, kissing the ring.

Revived by style custodians and traditionalists alike, the signet ring is returning to style’s good favours as some unlikely muses rise to the top of the fashion crop.

A tradition lost to 80s fads and Mr T. style tropes in a regal renaissance, chunky gold jewellery has long been stored for safe keeping at the back of the vault with the family silverware. The traditional semaphore for wealth and good breeding, ‘one’ wears the signet ring on the pinky for the official purposes of pressing wax seals with the house’s crest – and whilst most of us are more au fait with an email than an envelope, the British royals are proving once again that heraldry shouldn’t be resigned to the history books quite yet!

In step with sharp tailoring and preppy patterns, signet rings hark back to an era that celebrates heirloom accessories and eternal forget-me-nots.

A type of foppish bling that has returned to the front row in a blaze of glory, Oxford Ovals and Ruby centrepieces have been embraced by both sides of the sartorial coin – with inner city vanguards and heirs to the throne all styling out similar 18k statement pieces.

Once resigned to the type of family that could trace their lineage back to the good old days of yore, today anyone can have a go at making up their own personal talisman, and whilst it might be seen as ‘not quite cricket’ by those lucky enough to have an official title, the market is flush with designers that will custom-make your seal with anything from unicorns to creative coats of arms.

Once such brand the VAUGHAN girls love is Retrouvai, where you can get fantasy signets and bespoke pieces that are totally up for interpretation!

Playing with the jaunty quality resonating through the upcoming AW17 collection, we’ve gone perfectly posh with this smart yet striking ensemble.

Wearing a traditional Harris tweed waistcoat with our iconic Cassie pussy bow blouse, this look references the origins of English style with a contemporary runway twist. Working with a tonal palette of rich seasonal hues, this Dubarry waistcoat is worn open with a pair of high waisted trousers offering an equestrian-inspired hourglass frame.

Accessorised with three chunky Retrouvai rings (the flying pig is probably our favourite) and a wide brimmed hat with matching gold band, we love the way this look plays with British stereotypes between town and country.

Topped off with a pair of classic Gucci leather slippers, the gold bridle detailing adds a touch of authenticity to an identifiable set of accessories and ties together this outfit’s traditional roots.

Whether it’s passed down through the generations or whipped up in a flight of fancy, start your own design traditions this season with a selection of signet rings (unicorns and flying pigs optional).

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