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Red Carpet Roundup: 2017 Met Gala

Met Gala red carpet

You would think this year's celebration of Rei Kawakubo would deliver a serious dose of inspiration to celebrities and fashion insiders itching to flex their sartorial creativity and really Go For It.

You would be wrong.

Thrilled to check out the red carpet action, I left feeling not only disappointed but wondering if there was some sort of stylist strike I should be aware of.  This year's Met Gala red carpet felt more like the Super Bowl of Bridesmaids Dresses than the Super Bowl of Fashion (J Lo, Jessica Chastain and Elle Fanning, I'm looking at you).

Rei-s of sunshine

A select few went full-on Comme Des Garçons and it was glorious.  Clearly, it's not a look for the faint hearted, but where better to experiment? It's a Costume Institute after all. 

Rihanna met gala

Rihanna slayed. But you already knew that.

pharell and helen at met ball

Pharell Williams and Helen Lasichanh. Oh you can't move your arms? A small price to pay.  Does this make my butt look big? Sure does.

tracee ellis ross met gala 2017

Tracee Ellis Ross. An unexpected highlight. She looks fabulous in Comme Des Garçon. Some how it's not overwhelming her and the effect is very chic.

I'm not mad at ya

Honestly, "avant-garde" as a dress code is not for everyone. Most people don't even look good in typical runway fashion, let alone a Kawakubo number.  There were a few who experimented a bit and made the theme their own. And for that, I can't hate.

lily collins met gala

Lily Collins in Giambattista Valli couture. There is nothing remotely avant-garde about this dress, but with the styling, it's a perfect homage to Rei Kawakubo.  Ups to you for owning it, Lily.

kate hudson met gala 2017

Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney. Again, not exactly avant-garde, but neither is Kate Hudson. She played with her look in a cool, if restrained, way and I think it works.

Cara Delevigne met gala 2017

Cara Delevigne in Chanel. I would have expected something pretty OTT from Cara, but this Chanel number shows a lot of restraint with just a subtle homage to Kawakubo's swim caps. I'm digging it.

Ruby Rose met gala 2017

Ruby Rose in Burberry. The world's #1 #girlcrush looks amazing. Bold and graphic with excellent styling.

Claire Danes met gala

Claire Danes in Monse. Look, I think we can all agree this is pretty awful. But she tried and that's more than most can say. 

Yolanda Hadid met ball 2017

Yolanda Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger. Who would believe she's given birth to two super models? Everyone. Everyone would believe that.

The groan squad

Beyond boring, these looks completely missed the mark mostly because they tried too damn hard to be sexy. Take a night off, ladies.

lily aldridge met gala 2017

Lily Aldridge in custom Ralph Lauren. "Sexy" and "avant-garde" don't go together. And neither does this outfit. What a confusing load of nonsense.

Lupita Nyongo

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada. Oh Lupita, what a missed opportunity. You always look so fabulous and this is just so very average.

Kendall Jenner Met ball 2017

Kendall Jenner in La Perla. Kendall, Kendall, Kendall. You might be contractually obligated to be 98% nude at all times, but don't you think it would be nice to break the Kardashian mold? We always thought you were the cool one.

bella badie met gala 2017

Bella Hadid in Alexander Wang.  We get it, Bella. You're sexy and mysterious. Now try having a little fun for once.

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