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Thank you for a wonderful 8 years. The online shop is now closed.

Thank you for 8 terrific years!


After eight years, I have made the decision to end operations at VAUGHAN.

Without a doubt, developing and creating VAUGHAN has been the single most exciting and fulfilling experience of my professional life.

Thank you!

The credit is due mostly to you; my customers, friends, family, mentors, and well-wishers. First and foremost, THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for listening, for your advice and your feedback.

Thank you for buying my shirts!

Creating this business from the ground up was an experience that I am truly proud of. The victories were sweet, sometimes large and public, others small and personal. From press mentions and editorial nods to the quiet thrill of seeing my shirts on strangers and loved ones alike.

Ultimately, life as an entrepreneur is a tightrope walk between one’s personal and professional life and I have decided to focus more on the personal. With a busy young family I’m unable to devote the resources required to scale and grow VAUGHAN. As is the way in life, while this stage ends, another begins, bittersweet and full of promise.

The last day to shop at VAUGHAN will be December 30, 2019.

The next few weeks will be spent closing out accounts and selling the remaining inventory (you may have noticed the mega sale on site). Operations will not close until March so I will still be around to help out with any customer service related issues that may arise.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to working on the next steps, both professional and personal (baby #3 coming in 2020!).



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