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The Buzz: 5 things we're lusting over this April

april hot list 5 micro trends

From the boardroom to the bar – and everywhere in between, the VAUGHAN girls are back with their monthly editorial on the latest obsessions from the worlds of beauty, fashion and... tequila.

1. Pattern Clashing.

Breaking the golden rule of pattern pairing this season, our two favourite seasonal stereotypes (florals and stripes) are back in fashion’s good favours with a stark and slightly rebellious mash-up of confrontational looks.

Showcasing loud and proud designs that prove the art to great colour combos lies in confidence, stripes and polka dots, geometric textured screen prints and even antique bouquets are spun together for a creative confluence of good and bad taste.

Worn with pride by daring front row divas like Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo, this is geek chic 2.0 for the brash, unapologetic trendsetter.

2. DIY Adornment.

Taking fashion into our own hands, the haberdashery at our local mall is our new hangout.

Firing up the glue gun and getting handy with attractive add-ons, it’s all about taking your favourite pieces and making them yours. From accentuating waistlines with chunky grosgrain ribbons ‘à la corset’ to going 90s girl grunge with iron-on patches, this is the high-low trend to get stuck into this season.

We’re wearing our classic white Hepburn shirt with a large black satin sash as an evening wear alternative and then sliding on a patchwork denim jacket (decorated with Ellie Mac embroidery patches) for instant kerb appeal.

3. Tequila Sunrise.

Charge your glasses ladies, tequila is officially one of your five-a-day.

Like your morning vitamin, but better, pure Tequila is the all singing, all dancing health supplement that has holistic health nuts swapping agave supplements for a shot of Mexico’s home brew.

Consumed in moderation (meh, who reads labels anyway?) Tequila helps to aid digestion and weight loss thanks to its natural agavins that speed up metabolism.

Also a pre/pro biotic that improves the health of your immune system and digestive tract, downing 1-2 shots a week is now encouraged by most practitioners – just don’t start serving up lime slices and shooters at your 9 am business brunch…

4. 80s satin pump revival.

A Dynasty favourite we know you’re hiding in the recesses of your closet, satin pumps are back!

Reminiscent of all those summer weddings where you spent half the ceremony putting stiletto-sized divets in their prize Bermuda grass lawn, satin pumps are possibly the most inconvenient, weather-weary and high maintenance shoes but, when the sun’s out and you’re pretty confident you won’t end up with tide marks all over the high shine fabric, they look fab!

Channelling the confidence of Joan Collins (aka Alexis Carrington), these ribbon wrap pointed toe heels are the perfect 80s redux piece to pair with off the shoulder separates and dramatic metallic detailing.

5. Tokio Inkarami.

Parting with our GHDs is probably one of the hardest things we ever did. Sure, they left us with holes in the carpet and third-degree burns when we tried to curl our hair, but damn, our hair was straight.

Now there is a new, more gentle alternative trending in the orient, Tokio Inkarami.

Containing Nobel Prize-winning ingredients (no joke) this anti-chemical approach to straightening leaves even brittle blonde locks looking silky and glossy. Keeping your hair Disney princess perfect weeks after the treatment, this natural alternative to heat tongs and chemical masks is the perfect SOS for humid and frizzy hair.

Break up with abusive straighteners and call your salon, stat.

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