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The Buzz: 5 things we're lusting over this March

From literature to layering, accessories to beauty buys, find out what the VAUGHAN girls are waxing lyrical over for the month ahead…

fashion must haves for march


Fed up of doing the hokey pokey with outerwear? Well, get with the FROW and style your jacket with oodles of louche appeal around your shoulders. Tired of doing the in-out sleeve samba, the style set just decided, to hell with the weather, we’re going to wear it anyway – pairing puffers and parkas lazily on the precipice of each arm and coining ‘shrobing’ (that’s shoulder robing to you and me).

The ideal mid-season high street hack when you have no clue what spring might have in store, layer up without losing out and throw something on à la Balenciaga with one of our luscious silk shirts for a look that sure to divide opinion.

2. Literary Friction

Take one pirate radio station, two publishing powerhouses and a microphone. What have you got?

London’s best new radio show.

Lighting up the internet with something that actually resembles intellect, hosts Carrie and Octavia interview up-and-coming authors once a month on their show, Literary Friction.

Bringing together book recommendations, lively discussion, opinion and a little music to boot, their rigorous rhetoric and deep dive into themes extend from coastlines to corpses - offering the bookish culture vulture welcomed respite from the innocuous drivel and pop-culture cow pats that plague our airwaves. Listen up live or download the podcast on iTunes.

3. Metalmorphosis

Touching every facet of high fashion with a signature brush stroke, Pat McGrath is the designer’s not-so-secret weapon of choice.

Renowned for her box of magic tricks in which catwalk shows are born, the industry insider has changed the appearance of the runway with her strong and evocative makeup concepts. Adding a fantasy edge to geek chic and rebellious outfits, heavily adorned lips are predicted to be the only accessory worth investing in next season.

Back again with her latest drop – 005 Metalmorphosis, we can’t wait to get our glitter on with a sterling finger swipe across the eye or Bond Girl bronzed lips instead.

4. Art House earrings

Make snoozing through your art history module count for something and use your head thanks to fashion’s new favourite trend. Taking Dali and De Stijl off the canvas and into your jewellery box, retro reference point earrings are the latest work of art to captivate the catwalk.

Making accessorising a far more meaningful affair, geometric and surrealist masterpieces were reinterpreted into wearable trinkets – with the likes of Joan Miro, Fendi (pictured) and J.W Anderson all filing out in a similar aesthetic. Wear one, two or even three (depending on how rebellious you were at Claire’s Accessories aged 15), and prove your penchant for Bauhaus symmetry or 50s minimalism with a collection of contextual pendant earrings.

5. Bracelet Bags

The dimensional war is on and boy, don’t we know it.

From Balenciaga’s duvet bags to lipstick holders from Chanel – it’s time to pick a tribe, ladies. We’ve decided we’re far too busy to get carried away with a floor-skimming maxi shopper, that’s why the VAUGHAN girls have opted for this half-moon bracelet bag from Chloé.

Cute as a button and future-fashion-functional, too, we know we’ve been going on about the hand’s free revolution but, this little lovely also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, too.

Fashionable and functional, we think we’re in love…

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