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Channeling Elmo, the anti-IT bag and math class accessorizing.

august lust list

1. Haute Fuzz:

Are you a closet Muppets fan?

Would you wear an Elmo jacket all year round if the fashion gods allowed?

Us too, honestly, what’s not to love about faux fur? It’s cruelty-free, which pretty much gives you carte blanche to go over the top without an ounce of guilt – and far more economical, which frees up the purse strings for a rainbow of colours for AW17.

Our newest shade obsession is this oversized carillon orange statement piece from DVF – cosy, comfortable and the perfect prescription for the gloomy autumn ahead, whoever said retail therapy wasn’t a healthy cure for the blues obviously has never met this jacket.

2. WTF @ MFW:

We promise, we take fashion very seriously, but sometimes you can’t help but laugh.

This year, we thought we’d seen it all, papier maché heads, see-through skirts and Balenciaga boot leggings, but we were wrong.

What was going on at Miami Fashion Week?

It looks like bikini designers have decided to go rogue on our most essential summer staple! Our favourite car-crash catwalk moment? McD Couture. Think Moschino AW14 without the whimsy. This collection is limited edition for a reason, daahling…

3. String Shoppers:

Don’t get hit in the face by fashion’s furiously swinging pendulum between high luxe and retail lows with this latest IT item, just imagine how red-faced those Balenciaga ‘blue baggers’ are feeling now everyone’s toting IKEA’s 99c alternative.

This season, the micro trend must-have loved by the front row and the high street is the string shopper.

Available at your local grocers and Moda Operandi alike, we’ve gone for the cost-saving option (for once) that gives us the same South of France vibes for loose change prices! Phew, glad we did our homework before we splashed out, again…

4.Crop it out

Bellies, well they’re back, and if you want to keep up with the fash pack, you better start self-tanning your mid drift as this trend doesn’t look set to hibernate for winter, either.

Thankfully, the high waisted woollen pant is here to bridge the gap – and with VAUGHAN's classic shirting, you can make it your own with long line suiting and high shine brogues.

We’re channelling our inner Hepburn (Katharine, not Audrey) for a modern dandy approach to menswear, belting the waist and leaving a little to the imagination with XXL shirting and short sleeved counterparts styled until winter really arrives.

5. y2 = a + √9 = style

It may look like we just fell asleep on a calculator, but in fact, we just gave you the formula to amazing pre-fall style.

Proving that geek chic started in the halls of MIT, angular accessories are the square root to cool as everything gets a bit brainy this season.

Calculating how much we can spend on love-struck statement pieces before our bank manager repossesses everything down to our knickers, quadratic rationality starts from the floor up with chunky heels and ends with a touch of trompe oeil armoury like this geometric cuff courtesy of Rosie Assoulin, it’s fashion’s answer to Schrodinger’s cat, of course.

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