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Wardrobe essentials: all you need is less

I came across this pin on (where else?) Pinterest a few weeks back and it struck a chord with me.

"All you need is less".

Are we on to something here, or is this just proof that any phrase printed in a half-decent layout will make an impact?

In many ways, I'm most definitely in the maximalism camp.  I love my massive necklaces, dainty stacked rings and I won't even show you what my (custom built) shoe closet looks like.

That said, no matter how big our wardrobes are, I think most of us follow the 80-20 rule.  As in, we wear just 20% our clothes/accessories/product 80% of the time.  So, if that's true, could we just scrap the other 80% and have one super streamlined/wallet friendly closet?

Here's what my 20% looks like:

Well look at that.  I appear to be a better minimalist than one might have expected!

The clothes

I could probably spend a good month in nothing but white shirts without even noticing.  I work from home so it's easy for me to wear ripped jeans every day, but I suppose corporate types would need to add a pair of proper trousers into the mix and swap the leather skirt for a pencil skirt.

It's ironic that I literally cried the day I had to buy my high school uniform (HI MOM!) yet I've created my own uniform that I've stuck to for many years.

Splendid white tee, VAUGHAN silk shirt, Alexander Wang flared leather skirt and J Brand denim.

The shoes

A good pair of metallic flats are incredibly versatile, especially for a city like Singapore.  Since I like to wear basic clothes, I can afford to be a little wacky when it comes to my footwear options.  I love these wedges... kind of a matches-nothing-goes-with-everything vibe.

Manolo Blahnik flats, Sergio Rossi wedges.

The bling

This Shourouk necklace is everything... thanks Secret Santa Purpletina!  It adds instant personality to anything/everything.  Diamond studs are a perennial classic, the wedding ring is a must and a two-tone watch always works.  Plus I'll need all my lucky charms!

The bags

This was easy.  A Rockstud tote is a perfect carry-all, a good basic with just a little edge and the Chanel Boy bag works day-to-night.

The product

Compared to others, I don't really go overboard on makeup/products but the items I do use are non-negotiable. 

Dermalogica cleanser, Murad exfoliater, Apivita face oil, Alterna Bamboo shampoo and conditioner

All of my makeup is applied by hand.  I'd like to say it's because I'm a hard working momma but it's probably because I'm lazy.

Nars tinted moisturizer, Make Up For Ever eyeshadow stick, Cle de Peau concealer, Nars bronzer, Benefit mascara, Floris fragrance (borrowed from the Hubs) and YSL lippy.

"All you need is less" - fact or fiction?

I gotta vote FACT.

What say you?


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  • Thanks @Ruzin, glad you like it!

    Lindsay @ VAUGHAN on

  • So true. I love the items in that collage. I just love basics. Can’t go wrong with them.

    Ruzin on