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What the heck is going on at VAUGHAN?

lindsay in hong kong

Greetings from Hong Kong!

If you're a regular reader of this blog (hi Mom!), you'll no doubt notice there's been a bit of a change on the editorial front.  Namely, a lack of editorial content.

I apologize.

To say that we're going through a bit of a transition is probably an understatement.   The good news is that I have moved back to Hong Kong where VAUGHAN was founded.  This means VAUGHAN is now located at a major manufacturing hub which means we'll be rolling out some pretty sweet new styles soon.

The bad news is that our staff writer, in-house stylist and all around amazing and hilarious Aimee Whistler was recruited for a job at a Big French Fashion House.  Although we miss her dearly, we truly couldn't be happier for her.

So what's going to happen to the blog?

We're going to make a little shift.  As the founder and designer behind VAUGHAN, I am now going to take over the blog. You'll be getting updates from the epicenter of the brand, and I really hope you won't be disappointed.

Love what you're reading? Hate it?  Just drop a line into the comments and let me know!


- Lindsay

PS: The photography will get better soon... I promise!


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