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Steal his style: what the ladies can learn from menswear

menswear styling inspiration

With the gender gap ever narrowing on our quest for complete fashion androgyny, this week saw some of the most stylish red carpet portmanteaus hiding out at AW17 menswear shows on the hunt for the hottest trends.

Going incognito for a fresh slice of fashion pie, linchpin collections inspired something of a tailored renaissance, with fine suiting, hard tech and soft touches making for a sartorial melting pot worth tasting.

Rewriting style for a new XY generation, last year’s unisex shows from the likes of Gucci and Saint Laurent marked the end of sexual apartheid with more and more high fashion standard bearers creating homogeny between the sexes. Blurring the lines between defining silhouettes to create inclusive and inviting collections for an undefined urban tribe, London has become ground zero for a new type of fashion conscious yet gender naïve dresser looking to cherry pick the finest trends –irrespective of individual chromosomes.

Embracing the oddball allure of menswear week, the British sartorialist was out in full form as like for like trend forecasters took their place centre stage for the first of many mind-boggling showcases predicted for 2017. From tutus and trail boots at Vivienne Westwood to the mixed gender allure of Sibling, ambisexual shows reigned supreme as designers flittered from hard-line surplus chic to a playful frivolity told through ruffles and lace.

A transgressive lesson in looking good, UK veterans provided a powerful reminder that whilst other hotly en vogue designers have been working a similar seam recently – they did it first. Revisiting nostalgic punk revival pieces and jaunty kilt reworks, bastions of good taste took to the limelight with neutral statement pieces packed with sass.

Inspired by the new pick n’ mix approach to gender, the VAUGHAN girls took a leap of faith this week and explored the wonderful world of menswear for a fresh perspective on our classic canon of wardrobe favourites.

Captivated by the nerdy simplicity of E.Tauz and his Saville Row rewind on suiting, geek chic went off course as milk-bottle muses pushed back the bridge on their horn-rimmed reading glasses and showed us what Oxford elegance really looks like. Inspired by dusty libraries and nutty professors of years gone by, this layered ode to old-style dressing is a sonnet told through preppy tweed and unusual proportions.

Worn smart and slim fit, this wool cropped jacket from Chloé works beautifully when layered over our endlessly stylish Bettie short sleeved shirt. A beautiful beige palate that works in unison with the brick-coloured high waisted trousers and longline tweed overcoat, this mille-feuille approach to dressing revisits the refinement of a bygone era with structured shoulders and nipped waists adding to the attraction. Accessorised with those iconic tortoiseshell glasses and a high shine brogue, we’ve styled this outfit for work, with a rich chocolate leather satchel from Mulberry perfectly adding preppy overtones to this co-ed ensemble.

An effortless tribute to stuffy headmasters that have metamorphosed into menswear muses, give working week attire a soft suit edge with this mighty masculine ensemble.

Pictured: VAUGHAN white silk shirt, Isabel Marant tweed overcoat, Chloé jacket, Adam Lippes high rise trousers, The Kooples double buckle shoe, See Concepts reading glasses, Mulberry briefcase


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