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White shirt Wednesday: cool-girl party hacks

cool girl office party style inspo

Everyone hates the annual Christmas party – fact.

Whether it’s the bargain booze cocktails, part-frozen canapés or just the idea of festive forced fun, being the coolest girl at the office party is a lesson in the art of deception, harnessing your inner Hepburn around the boss – whilst unleashing your Grace Jones on the dance floor.

So, how does one suitably dress to impress for such a confuddling function? We all heard the cautionary tale that circulates around the break room come Monday morning -  sloppy Sandra from purchasing, the one who wore way too many sequins and consumed enough Singapore slings to send her to the moon – not a good look for the girl looking to shine in both style and business prowess.

A balancing act that has you teetering the smart casual tightrope, work to chic party dressing has very few – yet undeniably indispensable rules that keep things fuss-free and equally fabulous from the first sip of Prosecco to the last. Compact, classy and ready to roll in less than 15 minutes, the VAUGHAN girls have got you covered this season with this fiercely fashionable ensemble for nailing the professional/party aesthetic.

With just enough time for a quick lick of lippy and a lightning-speed outfit change in the handicapped bathroom that would rival Wonder Woman, this class act of simple separates makes speeding between the business room and the bar a streamlined affair. Adding just enough glitter to make the office party planner happy but ready for action if that important call comes in, this high shine combo brings a polished edge to power dressing.

Styling our short sleeved Bettie shirt with a sequin top is the perfect way to add a touch of wow factor to formal staples. Due to the high-quality silk of our shirts, they can be seamlessly shapeshifted from work to play with minimal effort – and thanks to the wrinkle-phobic qualities of this snakeskin designed top, it can last the 8-hour shift bunged in the bottom of your city tote! Paired with these investment wool blend trousers, the clean lines and form fitting silhouette give your figure a new sexy edge when you throw away the longline blazer from today and let your hips do the talking.

Accessorised with a pair of contrasting suede heels with a scalloped edge and a fine art clutch for added fashion gold stars, this look is a simple and effective blend of standard issue party staples and fun little twists to make it playfully practical.

Don’t let boredom dictate your after-hours ensembles, stand out from the two-piece suit and LBD herd with this lively and louche take on office party ennui.

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