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White shirt Wednesday: extreme Supreme

Supreme Louis Vuitton styled for the office

Skating straight off the street and making a play for the heart of high luxe, Supreme is the inner-city street rat your mother warned you to stay away from.

The new semaphore for sartorial subversion, Supreme is taking streetwear to the extremes with a collaboration that cements their status as the coolest back street brand gone pro – Louis Vuitton x Supreme.

Working outside the confines of traditional subculture, Supreme has all the makings of a private members’ club. Unassuming, quietly confident and unfazed by the status quo, the brand’s press-shy founder, James Jebbia didn’t set out to become the concrete jungle’s new king, but he’ll happily take the title, anyway. A brand that is traded like vintage wine and collected as fine art, Supreme is fast becoming an unstoppable force with the same red carpet exposure as its new couturier collaborators.

Packed with bad boy credentials and championed by a posse of A-list rap royalty, hanging out on street corners has never been so vogue. Bred on a diet of Dogtown-era skate films and 80s hip-hop, the NYC-born, internationally-based clothing company has surpassed all of its contemporaries, borrowing from the godfathers of alternative apparel like Shawn Stussy and Nigo to create the ultimate genesis between street level style and high luxury allure.

A sold-out collection that provides the perfect symbiosis of SoHo skate culture and high-brow Parisian elegance, the unlikely bedfellows have created a new form of street style that borrows from both brands’ fame – working urban industrialism with an irreverent luxury air. Proving that a monogram can make millions, this signature Supreme duffle bag is already on every influencer’s list as THE bag of the season (even if all you ever carry in it is a few rocks to weigh it down).

Styled straight off the runway with an androgynous edge, the VAUGHAN girls can’t wait for Monday mornings with this boyfriend-fit crepe suit from Tomas Maier! A longline blazer with a pair of high waisted suit trousers, this is a serious #SNAP moment inspired directly from the fashion week parade! Worn with our luxury Hepburn white silk shirt, this non-binary take on suiting is a perfect menswear week hack that’s rumoured to be big next season.

Keeping in line with Louis Vuitton’s predicted gender-fluid silhouettes for AW17, we’ve accessorised this outfit with an iconic LV leather belt to cinch in the waist and a normcore curved brim hat for added incognito cool. Finished with these minimalist chic white leather trainers from Eytys, this look channels a confident, creative and unapologetic attitude to smart suiting - celebrating Supreme’s place in the streetwear hall of fame as the skate brand that beat Louis Vuitton at its own game!

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