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Go for the gold: Olympic style inspiration

gold medal style inspiration

An athletically inspired showcase of blood, sweat and tears across all 7 continents, the Rio games aren't just a competition of might vs. muscle, it’s also a melting pot for an ever increasing circle of fiercely feminine role models that continue to prove they’re just as ballsy as the rest of them.

Going for gold, our favourite global #girlgang at this year’s Olympics can be seen on the track, field, balancing beam and beyond with their eye on the prize and some seriously stylish threads on show.

Dressed head to toe in bespoke opening ceremony outfits by national heroes like Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, it seems today’s penchant for performance wear has returned to its roots with champions like Holland’s Ellen Hoog and Brazil’s Jacqueline Carvalho getting the red carpet treatment.

With sports references in high supply on the long road to Rio, runways across the globe have been trying their hand at a Brazilian-inspired runway experience, too. Presenting an array of patriotic colorways, deconstructed scuba suits, go-faster windbreakers and kite like parachute dresses, sports-chic shows paired structural silhouettes with flashes of colour in a range of thoughtful, versatile and adaptable fabrics – ideally suited to the hustle and bustle of inner city living.

Offering up our own ode to groundbreaking flag bearers competing at the Rio Olympics, we’ve raised the sartorial bar with tough-luxe separates and an original Midas touch. Shelving the spandex in lieu of far more fabulous fabrics, drab sportswear has been replaced with a selection of energetic statement pieces and everyday essentials with endless style mileage. Blending contemporary with classic, our stunning VAUGHAN short sleeved silk shirt in Stark Naked White is a stylish counterpoint for the occasion. Worn with these high-octane neon striped silk tracksuit trousers and matching shell suit bomber jacket, this updated three-piece is the ideal alternative to lacklustre suiting this season.

A healthy blend of athleisure sporting greats and downtown classics, this Ipanema chic offshoot of refined style staples is gently accessorised with no-nonsense tropical footwear in a shocking neon hue and a functional all-leather bowling bag. Given the finishing touch with a pair of polarised metal shield sunglasses and silky striped foulard, this uniform-inspired homage to sporting stripes is a sensible nod to speedy style.

Re-energise practical staples with a competitive edge and dress to impress in polished casuals for the track or the tarmac.
Pictured: VAUGHAN Bettie shirt, T by Alexander Wang jacket, Stella McCartney silk track pants, Christian Louboutin pumps, Gucci sunglasses, Stella McCartney silk scarf, Dolce & Gabbana bowling bag

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