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How to style overalls for the office (really).

how to wear overalls to the office

It’s Monday morning.

You’re 20 minutes past hella late and you’ve already scalded yourself with your curling irons.

You’ve lost another earring to the vortex that has opened up down the side of your couch and there is only way you’re going to make it out alive without forfeiting your travelling cappuccino: overalls.

We don’t mean the type you used to re-fit your bathroom, no, we’re talking editor-approved, front row accredited, and celebrity-endorsed designer overalls.

The all-in-one saving grace that has become the stylist’s secret weapon in the fight against work week ennui this SS17, overalls are basically a stylish baby grow for those of you that just can’t get your act together come that first 7 am alarm call.

We feel you, the VAUGHAN girls have amassed a collection of fuss-free jump-ins that could outfit the entire 12th floor.

Originally designed for the rugged blue collar farm hand in a durable denim with those ‘cotton-eye-Joe’ metallic clasps and a piece of straw laying lazily in the front pocket, the everyday overall has come a long way (thankfully) from its salt of the earth status.

Now the new spring IT item with instant fashion credentials, dungarees, pinafores, overalls and any other imaginable trouser and top combo is the ideal outfit topper choice for the style rich but time poor dresser.

Saving face on those cringe-worthy commutes when you realise that bodycon skirt is actually just a singular pant leg of a culotte (#truestory), the everyday overall offers instant work chic overtones and endless fashion panache. Worn with a multitude of pick n’ mix shirts and light layers, channelling your inner square dancer has never felt so stylish.

Dusting winter off our shoulders and inviting a new lightweight layering attitude into our 9-5 classics, the cross strapped overall is the ideal reference point for those work to weekend segues.

Styled with our vintage-inspired Cassie pussy bow blouse, this simple contrast of comfortable navy cotton and luxury white silk gives an instant high luxe allure – perfect for any sartorial setting. Worn tucked in under the high waistband of these Tibi indigo overalls, the dramatic long ascot tie adds a touch of refinement to everyday durable denim, whilst a shock of Pantone yellow is the ideal #FROW colour crush to embrace.

Worn with a woven navy blue and canary slide on mule à la Malone, this fresh twist on 21st-century work wear is given a high fashion spin when paired with a matchy-matchy yellow leather tote.

The perfect two-piece to accentuate the tonality of our new heartthrob overalls, style with a pair of speckled oversized frames and an air of ‘I woke up like this’ for a bold, confident and snooze-proof look that’s ready in the time it takes to check your watch, and realise you’re late – again.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Cassie pussyobw silk shirt in Pure White, Tibi overall jumpsuit, Malone Souliers mules, Simon Miller tote bag, Stella McCarney cat eye sunnies

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