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White shirt Wednesday: Slogan tees that say it like it is.

Dior feminist tee styled over silk shirt

We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn.” ― Tish Thawer.

Taking slogans off picket lines and away from politico pandering, the basic white tee is undergoing a basic backlash this season. Styled with an air of Germaine Greer angst, the urban tribe are making their message heard on a range of watchword wardrobe pieces that have made us seriously reconsider the impact of a typeface.

Inspired by the uncertain world facing high fashion and world economics, designers returned to their roots with a selection of slanderous hi-low designs that put their money where their mouth is. From unrepentant merchandising from Gucci to Katharine Hamnett long line looks circa ’84, it’s all about getting it off your chest and boy, do we have something to say.

With a noble history that makes us run to the closet to find ‘Frankie says relax’ heirlooms, French mantras and high impact calligraphy bring shock tactics right to the heart of SS17 sartorialism. Bowled over by Henry Holland’s first foray into the world of upper cut catwalk style, fashion may have moved forward in many aspects but it still has the ability to hit home with creative cultural critiques that are anything but subliminal.

Inspired by the international Women’s March and the t-shirt that had protestors and style vanguards alike scouring the internet for a trailblazing takeaway, the Dior ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ tee tells it like it is. Feminism and fashion go hand in hand with this bold statement style on proud display.

A design that made its debut alongside the brand’s first female art director, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s bent the design house to her will with a selection of standard issue styles that made onlookers wish that Chanel would get its act together and join the see-now-buy-now movement already!

Wearing this stunning statement tee over our luxury Hepburn silk shirt, this look channels a trailblazing 60s chic style. Worn with vintage denim Levi jeans and a trend conscious yet comfortable slide on mule, this balanced pairing of opposites is perfect for protesting or just plain prostrating!

Worn with an air of ‘I mean business’, this layered look is the ideal mid-season warmer to rile your inner rage against the machine. Style yours with a textured shoulder bag suited to the demands of all day grassroots action, stand up tall and fight back against the status quo in this rebellious spirited ensemble.

Luckily for us, the collection doesn’t go on sale until the 27th of February – giving us just enough time to fashion an outfit that embraces this thought provoking trend.

Online pre-orders start from the 1st of February at the Dior web store.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn silk shirt in Lion in Winter, Dior feminist slogan tee, Isabel Marant mules, Oscar de la Renta shoulder bag, Levis vintage denim. Runway image via

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