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White Shirt Wednesday: The modern mariner

nautical style inspo

Realising that the landlocked city dweller doesn’t need to be near the coast to dress like she’s about to set sail, swish urbanites are bringing the shoreline to the street with a selection of vintage-influenced Breton souvenirs this season.

Inspired by the old man and the sea, traditional fisherman’s hats, expedition-worthy pocket shirts à la Cousteau and interminably iconic neck scarves make the modern mariner look ready for any adventure. With daylight breaking over a new dawn for resort chic, nautical separates are offered as an ode to the ocean – and the plucky few that dare to venture into waters deep.

Motivated by current SS17 collections that channelled a nostalgic take on azur aesthetics, gone are the days of sailor button ups, bootleg naval separates or boating hats – instead, luxury vanguards like Chloé and Loewe looked past the sartorial horizon for new shores of inspiration, fighting the urge to succumb to stereotypical style tropes and explore a more refined, urban approach to paddle classics.

With the white shirt a fashion 101 for anyone looking to harness their inner seafarer, our Bettie short sleeved silk shirt is the perfect fashion stowaway that blends traditional luxury with smart elegance. Worn tucked into the super high waist of these elongated pants from Balenciaga, this accentuated duo cinches in the waist to create a silhouette that is effortlessly functional and endlessly shipshape.

Working with an array of accessories that are anything but conventional, our hearts skipped a beat when we saw style influencers like Lucy Williams and The Salty Blonde both styling this re-worked fisherman’s hat. The ideal cover-up to style with bleached locks and a pair of shady frames, we couldn’t help wearing this IT item with a pair of leather mules in a similar shade from Chanel’s signature collection.

Connecting the dots between shore and street, we’ve added a striped bikini top into the mix that looks wonderful when worn under our Bettie shirt –unbuttoned, but still tucked into the waist. Versatile yet easily interchanged depending on the occasion, this coastal to casual attitude to dressing looks at home in any portside setting from Cannes to Cape Cod – blending sassy city vibes with a classic peninsular look that can handle the rough tides of mid-season styling.

Venture off course this summer and let your inner fashion compass be your guide as the modern mariner gets an unconventional makeover.

Match this look with our pure silk shirt in a short sleeve, long sleeve or pussy bow style and embrace the edge of this oceanic outfit -with just a hint of high fashion wanderlust!

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