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White Shirt Wednesday: To Belize and back

summer vacation style inspiration

As summer weather beckons an adventure off the beaten path, dressing for that idyllic destination evokes an urge to avoid the tourist trail and dress like an islander. Nurtured under the shade of neighbouring palms and inspired by a slow, siesta style, this season’s approach to resort collections is less about standing out and more about fitting in.

From prairie skirts from the heart of the Wild West to Marley knits that celebrate the spirit of Kingston, fashion’s finest suitcase selections offer an authenticity that references the original iconography of holiday outposts.

Putting a pin in the map and seeing where we land, the VAUGHAN girls have put together a summer selection of easy casuals that speak the local language of relaxed refinement.

Heading due west to the Yucatan peninsula and deep into the coastal jungles of Belize, summer style comes with a twist as suitcase essentials are driven by a wilderness functionality and artisanal craftsmanship. Inspired by the rubble ruins of the Maya and the local allure of native raw materials, the coastal headland of Tulum expresses its duality between Caribbean sea and lush rainforest with a spectrum of colours inspired by a regional and unshaken aesthetic.

Smartening up native handicraft separates, our luggage is resplendent with sharp silhouettes and saturated shades like this linen A-line skirt with geometric embroidery. Designed with a handy kangaroo pocket and tassels for added folklore feel, this neo-boho statement piece is ideal for pairing with a cool, comfortable shirt like our bright white Bettie silk button-up.

Cinched into the high waistband of this stunning midi skirt, our semi-opaque blouse is a lightweight and versatile layer that adds a touch of urban refinement to a wanderlustful seasonal style.

Accessorised with a confident tassel necklace, this Alma choker invites you to pare down your look with a few loose buttons revealing this striking IT item. Embracing an easy-chic aesthetic that integrates marketplace patterns and natural materials into the mix, this hit holiday item in a glamorous plated brass adds a touch of editorial glamour to a combination of packable classics. Styled with a natural jute string tote for transporting the essentials in style, this large tote is the ideal downplayed shore to street must-have whilst these genuine woven sandals invite a touch of seasonal whimsy to the outfit – style with or without the ballerina lace up ribbon for added drama.

Look to local muses for inspiration this season as the ocean’s directional current pulls prêt à porter off course into fresh and untamed pastures. Forget the suitcase and focus on authentic elegance with this contemporary spin on carefree dressing for home or away…

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