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Why Don't You: Terrible advice for the Very Chic.

diana vreeland

Why don't you...

There's no shortage of seemingly well-meaning advice in society.  Between our mothers, friends and dear Gwenyth Paltrow, it seems that we're almost constantly on the receiving end. 

Lean in! Go vegan! Sleep train! Be a bitch! Play nice!

I'm reminded of the legendary editor, Diana Vreeland's column, Why Don't You where she dispatched directives that were questionable, at best.  In that vein, we proudly offer VAUGHAN's first ever Why Don't You.

Not only was Ms Vreeland born in September, but the month also marks back to school, a new style season and an impending expolsion in our social calendars.

Perfect timing for terrible advice.


Why don't you...

Banish synthetic fibers from your wardrobe. Nothing but silks and minks for you, darlings!

Invite your nearest and dearest over for a slide show to share your summer adventures.  Your friends will be delighted to see young Daphne's conquests at trapeze camp and Piper's pony's piaffes.

Explore vineyard ownership. If nothing else, it will add a bit of flair to your autumnal table. 

While you're at it, best to start your cinnamon infused bourbon sooner than later.

Develop an appreciation for the work of Martha Graham. YouTube has hours of footage, and you have nothing but time. 

Get a leg up on holiday entertaining by exploring new cuisines and customs.  Every week, designate a new cultural focus and dine as members of said culture. Bonus points for saying grace in the native tongue.

Make your own nut butters.

Color code all of your children's belongings.  Assign a color to each child and you'll never have to wonder who is the owner of every sock, lunchbox, stuffed dog. 

Wear your furs to the supermarket. Surely the glamour will be appreciated. 

Define your signature color for AW '17. Choose carefully, nothing common of course, but a lovely shade that will compliment those gorgeous peepers.

Multi task during the last days in the sun Out East with a hair mask. After all, isn't that why God gave us Hermes turbans?

Brush up on the Classics. Preferably in some chic new Oliver Peoples specs. After all, September is a time for sophistication.

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