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The Thread

Your style guide and lifestyle journal curated by the stylists behind VAUGHAN.

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VAUGHAN in More Magazine

VAUGHAN in Fashion & Beauty magazine

Unbuttoned with Jessie Deye, CEO of Gild Collective

Meet Jessie Deye I’m a green-as-all-get-out startup CEO, part of an all-female team in a highly male dominated space, and most days have no idea what I’m doing. But that’s been the trend for most of my life, and I’ve gotten really good at figuring shit out as I go.My job out of college was that of a financial analyst. (I had a degree in Molecular Biology.)But I knew I wanted to work with data, and so I spent my days running Google into the ground finding out how to...

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The Gift Shop: Fall/Winter Edition

A quirky kilt and shirt combo

A quirky kilt and shirt combo

Crayola dressing

VAUGHAN hits WCity

VAUGHAN on The D'Vine

The Hepburn Collection

Happy Halloween from VAUGHAN

Awww, shoot!

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Color story: a purple clash