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Basics that are anything but.

Auntie Kiki: our saucy stylist solving your sartorial woes

Meet Auntie Kiki, VAUGHAN's most senior stylist with stone cold lessons in looking good.

Lifting hemlines on the hunt for something stylish, we're pround to introduce you to our in-house fashion vanguard, the elusive and illustrious Auntie Kiki.

A woman that has spent a lifetime touring the globe in search of fantasy fashion (and the next Mr. Kiki), VAUGHAN's newest columnist is putting her years of industry insider knowledge to use with all the sass and sizzle we’ve come to expect from our very own naughty nanny.

A woman with an outfit, and a story for every sartorial predicament, she spent her early years tripping the light fantastic everywhere from Cannes to California, mingling with the inner echelons of high society and amassing a museum-worthy collection of haute couture and designer heirlooms.

Clinking crystal with the great and the good of style and celebrity, Kiki is a woman who acquires lovers like jewels and style statement pieces with price tags that have turned her habit for fashion and husband collecting into an art form.

An eternal eccentric that nurtured and championed a whole generation of designers, Auntie Kiki is revered within the inner sanctums of couture for her cutthroat fashion élan and a keen eye for talent.

A sartorial socialite with enough stage presence to knock Wintour off her throne, the pan-continental mondaine is rarely seen in public without one of her ubiquitous silk statement blouses.

Now residing on a sun-bleached peninsula, her acerbic wit and razor sharp rhetoric have become her calling card.

Offering a full frontal attack on the current state of street style, her attitude to everyday fashion is anything but apologetic; talking trash, trends and the taste-making moments that have hallmarked her career, Auntie Kiki is that proverbial bucket of cold water we’re all so desperately in need of.

Wardrobe worries? Send your pleas to and let Auntie Kiki solve your sartorial woes.

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