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Thank you for a wonderful 8 years. The online shop is now closed.


You can rest easy knowing that your credit card and order data is encrypted and secure.  Our checkout is Level 1 PCI compliant and we use a 128 bit SSL certificate to keep order details secure. 

This is the same level of encryption used by large banks.

This site is safe from Heartbleed

You may have heard about a security flaw known as Heartbleed which has impacted many e-commerce sites. VAUGHAN is powered by an e-commerce platform called Shopify and we are pleased to inform you that all Shopify stores are safe from Heartbleed.

During the middle of day on April 7th 2014, the Heartbleed issue became widely disclosed. The Shopify network security and operations team immediately set to work to protect their hosting infrastructure. By 7:00 p.m. they had rolled out a fix across core infrastructure, and by midnight all secondary systems had been secured. The operations team continued to work into the night, and by the following day, all keys and certificates had been re-issued.

Because of the rapid response of Shopify's operations team (faster than Google and Yahoo, for example) we haven’t detected any sensitive data being compromised. As a general precaution, we advise that you regularly change passwords, and other sensitive credentials like payment gateway and API credentials. This would be a good time to update all such passwords.

If you have any questions regarding our site security, please email