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Vaughan silk button down shirt asia

Your new favorite shirt.

VAUGHAN is an independent fashion label specializing in classic silk shirts, designed with modern women in mind.

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Friday Find: #Diorladyart

Friday Find: #Diorladyart

Whether you’re a festive humbug or already hot on the trail of this winter’s biggest buys, like it or not, Christmas is coming. With style publications across the globe already placing their bets on this Xmas’s most enviable buys, Santa’s...

White shirt Wednesday: Good Gaudy Lordy!

White shirt Wednesday: Good Gaudy Lordy!

It’s safe to say, that the world of prêt à porter has gone topsy turvy of late, with 'more is more’ flavour of the month. Turning tacky into trend gold, the maximalist magpie look is changing the way we approach...

From the Front Row: Alexandra Schulman

From the Front Row: Alexandra Schulman

The brains behind British Vogue, Alexandra Schulman isn’t your average high luxe editor-in-chief. She's mastered stylish workwear but is more at home in off the rack than haute couture. Schulman is more likely to be battling it out in the...

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written by Lindsay Narain

After fruitless searches for a "perfect white shirt", designer Lindsay Narain took matters into her own hands and founded VAUGHAN in 2012. "I wanted to create a beautiful, easy to wear shirt that was priced for stocking up and not a precious piece meant only for special occasions", says Narain. Lindsay's grandmother and classic Hollywood film stars sparked a lot of her initial inspiration.  In tribute to her grandmother Beatrice, a small bee is embroidered on each shirt.  Katharine Hepburn... Continue Reading

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